Life is Beautiful: A short story

Life Is Beautiful

That tree.

It was so strange. I could never stop thinking about it. Why was it so different from the rest of the world!?

Before she died, my grandmother used to tell me stories about it, that her father had told her. She used to say that it was magical, that it was a sign of hope for our people. She said it meant that one day the rest of the land would look like that tree. I always tried to imagine what the whole world would look like in the strange color of that tree. Today I was on my way home from hunting some penguins, when I decided to stop at the tree. My grandmother would always call it Isonei, which she said meant life in some ancient language. I put down the dead penguins and looked at Isonei. I contemplated it’s existence. Why are you here? I thought. I know you are supposed to be a sign of hope but still… how are we supposed to believe that?! I stood staring at it for a little while longer. I then began the trek home. When I arrived an amazing aroma washed over me.

“Allen, is that you? Do you have the penguin?” My mother called from the kitchen.

“Yeah it’s me. I have the penguin.” I followed the wonderful scent of dinner cooking to the small room which made our kitchen. I handed her the penguin which she proceeded to skin. She pulled out the bones, cut out the meat, dipped the meat in a small bucket of wine to clean it and chopped it up.

When the food was ready we ate and went to bed with happy stomachs.

The next morning, I went out and sold what was left of the penguins to the shopkeeper near our house. Since I had nothing else to do for the rest of the day, I decided to visit the tree once more. I sat down in the snow which had been layered on top of itself over and over again throughout the centuries. I sat there, thinking and staring at the grey sky for what felt like hours, but probably wasn’t that long. Suddenly, the ground began to rumble beneath me. I hurried to my feet, startled. Isonei grew taller and taller until it seemed to be ten feet tall. The snow began to melt beneath my feet and the sky became a strange color I had never seen before. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Well the only other “beautiful” thing I had ever seen was a girl who had moved to our town four years before, with golden hair and deep brown eyes. But this. This color was like the feeling you get when you’re so full of joy that you can’t contain it! It was so amazing!

I turned to look at the ground and gasped. It was no longer covered in the pure white of the snow. It was now something so much more amazing. I leaned down to touch it and it tickled my hand. This stuff on the ground felt and looked like the stuff that was on the tree, but somehow different. I ran home and everything there had the same beautiful colors. Everyone was dancing and laughing, it was amazing. My mother ran to me and said,

“It’s just as the old legends said! The sky is the blue that was foretold in the stories!”

Blue! So that was it’s name. What an amazing color!

An old woman yelled, “The Isonei prophecy has come true! Let us celebrate!”

From that day on, life was beautiful. It was no longer the dreary sad land that we had always known. Now there was isonei everywhere.


Hey Y’all,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! I hope you liked the short story. I wrote this short story a couple weeks ago and I thought I would post it. Make sure to comment and tell me what you think! 😀