New and Interesting Things

Hello Everybody!!

This is a random idea I got when I noticed a crack in the ceiling of my house’s entryway. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! It’s pretty random but hey, I’m a random person. 😀



(Must be read in English accent)

The Crack.

The crack in the ceiling.

The crack that transports you to a wonderful and mystical realm. One of gladness and despair, happiness and horror. A realm beyond one’s own imagination. A realm beyond beyond the stars and the limits time itself.

Once I was touched by the crack. And I was transported, drifted into the mystical realm. It was incomprehensible the things that I saw. While there, I met someone. We spoke, or rather, he spoke. He told of many things. Of unimaginably things this realm has to offer. But, also of the horror it bestows. We spoke, he croaked and life went on. However, I learnt a great deal from this small exchange. I learnt quite a lot of new and interesting things.

However, something was missing…

Although, quite a bit of knowledge was gained in this exchange, not satisfied still was my my insatiable thirst/quest for new and interesting things. For you see I am a doctor of new and interesting things. I search and I yearn for the unimaginable. I yearn that which cannot be understood.

So I wandered through the mystical realm of gladness and despair and on that journey I learned quite many a thing, quite many a new and interesting thing. But of these things i could not tell. For you see, they are unable to be comprehended. I myself a doctor of new and interesting things is just barely able to understand these things. For even though I have seen many years and many generations of life and of new and interesting things and have had so much training to understand new and interesting things, the wonderful and mystical realm of gladness and despair was such an abstract being. It could not be understood by even the brightest of minds.

Thus, I decided that I might one day find the missing part, the missing piece, link, thing, idea. Of what it was I did not know. So I stopped searching and retired. But, that is not the way in the mystical realm, which is beyond imagination so it did not last long. At some point (keep in mind the mystical realm of gladness and despair is beyond time itself), I realized.

I finally understood what the someone I had spoken with had meant, when he spoke of another ceiling and another crack in this realm of gladness and despair. So I set off, searching once again. I searched and searched. Until at last, I came upon it. The missing link, part, piece, thing, idea. I found it right when I was about to give up.

For, you see, I have found, that often when you think it is the end it is most certainly the beginning.


Thanks for reading! See y’all next time. 🙂

God Bless,