Hey Everyone!

I would’ve uploaded something sooner, but on Tue. I cut my foot open and had to get 11 stitches (ouch!). Anyway, I was scrolling through the comments section on a youtube video today and came across this really cool comment. I do not take credit for this whatsoever. It belongs to the person who wrote it. I do not know their real name, of course so I will just put their YouTube name. I just thought I ought to share. 😀 Anyway…



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I wish there was a way I could express life. Meaning I feel like I can’t describe these thoughts that I have. I know what it is!

Life is everything… it’s every word you could use to describe something.

Every adjective describes life.

It’s fast and slow.

It’s beautiful and ugly.

It’s wonderful and horrible.

Kind and unkind.

Blue and yellow.

Bright and dark.

Fair and unfair.

Perfect and imperfect.

It’s a paradox within itself.

 Everything it is contradicts everything else it is!

Life is unexplainable, it’s…


Yet somehow, it is explainable.

In some remarkable way, its imperfection is what makes it perfect.

New Beginnings

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New Beginnings


Baby’s first laugh


New Beginnings…



Kittens first meow.

New Beginnings…


Endless oceans


New Beginnings…

The world twists and turns, but we never feel it,

Until it hits us, through life’s many twists and turns.

But it’s that moment… That wonderful moment when the sun rises

And you feel a shift in the atmosphere.

And there it is…

Close enough to touch…


New Beginning.

And it’s just