The A-Z Tag

HELLLO peeps!

So today we have a… *drum roll*


Thank you Saanvi for nominating me for this tag! 😀

Anyway, the way this works is… I write my favorite thing for each letter in the alphabet. (which is sort of like an about me thing so that’s why this is also under the About category.) I decided to do it a little differently and do the first thing that pops into my head when I see the letter! I’m going to both! The latter first and then the former.


A – Art

B – Bunnies

C – Cerulean

D – Dogs

E – Enchanted

F – Future

G – God

H – Hummus

I – Igloos

J – Juice

K – Kittens

L – Lillies

M – Magnolias

N – Nettle Leaves

O – Octopi

P – Pie

Q – Queens

R – Relaxation

S – Summer

T – Trees

U – Umbrellas

V – Villas

W – Wyoming

X – Xylophone

Y – Yellow

Z – Zebras

A – Aqua

B – Beach/Beginings

C – Cats

D – Dusk

E – Epiphanies/Euphoria/Earings

F – Fun

G – God

H – Hammocks

I – Incandescently/Ice Cream

J – Joy

K – Keds

L – Lilacs

M – Music/Memories

N – Nature

O – Ocarinas

P – Poems/Paisley/Piano

Q – Quarters

R – Rain

S – Stars/Stories/Sunshine

T – Tales/Tails

U – Umbrellas

V – Violins

W – Writing/Wings

X – Xs (kisses 😀 xoxo)

Y – Yellow

Z – Zigzags

I nominate…









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