Prayer for the Persecuted

Hey everyone!

This is in honor of those being persecuted and/or oppressed. Those in the Middle East, North Korea, and many other places around the world. I consider it a Psalm-like poem. It is also a prayer, but most of all, it is just me, burdened and crying out to the Lord.

O’ Lord Jesus!

How oppressed are your people!

Save them from the darkness and horrors of their enemies.

Give them your peace, O’ God!

Deliver them out of the hands of these wicked men!

Put wisdom into the minds of those who might deliver them.

Soften the hearts of their enemies, that they might let them go.

Convict these wicked men of their iniquity,

Show them the horrors they have committed.

O’ Lord who judges justly, O’ God who saves,

Rescue your people out of their dark valleys.

Deliver them from the paths of evil men.

Put wisdom into the hearts of fools,

Put knowledge into the minds of the foolish.

Shepherd your sheep, O’ God!

O’ God who is most high.

O’ mighty and all powerful Lord of all,

Deliver your people that they may praise you.

That even your enemies would bring glory to your name!

For you are most high!

For you are a God of justice and mercy!

For you are due all glory and honor and praise!




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