Prayer for the Persecuted

Hey everyone!

This is in honor of those being persecuted and/or oppressed. Those in the Middle East, North Korea, and many other places around the world. I consider it a Psalm-like poem. It is also a prayer, but most of all, it is just me, burdened and crying out to the Lord.

O’ Lord Jesus!

How oppressed are your people!

Save them from the darkness and horrors of their enemies.

Give them your peace, O’ God!

Deliver them out of the hands of these wicked men!

Put wisdom into the minds of those who might deliver them.

Soften the hearts of their enemies, that they might let them go.

Convict these wicked men of their iniquity,

Show them the horrors they have committed.

O’ Lord who judges justly, O’ God who saves,

Rescue your people out of their dark valleys.

Deliver them from the paths of evil men.

Put wisdom into the hearts of fools,

Put knowledge into the minds of the foolish.

Shepherd your sheep, O’ God!

O’ God who is most high.

O’ mighty and all powerful Lord of all,

Deliver your people that they may praise you.

That even your enemies would bring glory to your name!

For you are most high!

For you are a God of justice and mercy!

For you are due all glory and honor and praise!



The A-Z Tag

HELLLO peeps!

So today we have a… *drum roll*


Thank you Saanvi for nominating me for this tag! 😀

Anyway, the way this works is… I write my favorite thing for each letter in the alphabet. (which is sort of like an about me thing so that’s why this is also under the About category.) I decided to do it a little differently and do the first thing that pops into my head when I see the letter! I’m going to both! The latter first and then the former.


A – Art

B – Bunnies

C – Cerulean

D – Dogs

E – Enchanted

F – Future

G – God

H – Hummus

I – Igloos

J – Juice

K – Kittens

L – Lillies

M – Magnolias

N – Nettle Leaves

O – Octopi

P – Pie

Q – Queens

R – Relaxation

S – Summer

T – Trees

U – Umbrellas

V – Villas

W – Wyoming

X – Xylophone

Y – Yellow

Z – Zebras

A – Aqua

B – Beach/Beginings

C – Cats

D – Dusk

E – Epiphanies/Euphoria/Earings

F – Fun

G – God

H – Hammocks

I – Incandescently/Ice Cream

J – Joy

K – Keds

L – Lilacs

M – Music/Memories

N – Nature

O – Ocarinas

P – Poems/Paisley/Piano

Q – Quarters

R – Rain

S – Stars/Stories/Sunshine

T – Tales/Tails

U – Umbrellas

V – Violins

W – Writing/Wings

X – Xs (kisses 😀 xoxo)

Y – Yellow

Z – Zigzags

I nominate…








An artists take on a moonlit night…


Context: My sister and I are walking to our neighbor’s house at 9:30. We are House sitting for them while they’re out of town. As we were walking, this is what popped into my head while I looked at the sky. I then proceeded to say out loud as though I was a character in a dramatic period movie. 😄


It’s the perfect time for a moonlit walk
The stars are out
The air is fresh
The moon is bright
All is calm
All is right
On this moonlit night


Dusk into Dawn: A Poem

Hello everyone!

I’m alive! I know, I know. It has been like a month. So there are various reasons for this hiatus of mine. The first being that I had a post scheduled to publish, but sadly it didn’t and somehow it got deleted, which frustrated me a little bit. So what was supposed to be a short break turned longer because I got busy with school and then my family and I had a unscheduled trip to Miami due to some not so good circumstances. That was very exhausting so I wasn’t able to get any writing done after that either (other than writing for school). Anyhow, I came up with this poem a couple days ago and finally wrote it down so here is Dusk into Dawn!


Dusk into Dawn

Grey soars through the sky

Teal takes a lower path

Ivory flies alongside pale pink as

Violet encroaches upon the horizon

The light of day fades to night as life falls asleep

As day ends and the little fire lights glimmer into visibility

Some awaken while others sleep

For some, things are just beginning

For others, it’s nearing the end

Although, for all, the next time yellow’s bright light creeps over the horizon

It will be a new beginning

A fresh start

Songs will be heard in the pine and the field

And dew will be found on green blades

The colors of dusk will fade into dawn

And all will begin again

~RED ❤


Random Thought #8 Words… Wondrous Words!

Hello people of Earth!

Today I have for you… words! So for today post, I will be giving a lovely list of melodic, obscure, unique and/or interesting words and their definitions.

So without further ado…


1. Ailurophile

Cat lover

2. Clandestine

Covert or done secretly

3. Enigmatic

Difficult to understand, mysterious

4. Reprobate

An unprincipled person, a Scoundrel (often used humorously or affectionately

5. Panache

Flamboyant confidence of style and manner

6. Circumlocution

The use of many words where fewer would do, especially in a deliberate attempt to be vague or evasive. Example: “When you’ve finished your circumlocution, maybe you could just get to the point.”

7. Incandescent


8. Adamant

refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind

9. Mellifluous

A sound that is sweet and smooth and pleasing to hear

10. Ineffable

Too great to be expressed in words

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Random Thought #7: Books & People…


My favorite part of reading is opening a book to its first page. That feeling of being on the brink of a whole new world is amazing! Because you don’t know how it’s gonna make you feel, you don’t know what it’s gonna teach you. You don’t know if you’re gonna love it or hate it. You don’t know if the ending is going to be horrible or amazing or just satisfying. Similarly, people are a whole world a whole story just waiting to be read…

I mean I’m a relatively shy person, I’m not super shy or anything, but I’m not super inclined to going up to people and introducing myself. However, I think of the fact that meeting a new person is like standing on the edge a whole new universe. Each individual person is a different story, a difficult set of memories, different decisions, different ways of thinking, different ways of analyzing situations, different things they can teach you, different experiences. It’s amazing! I mean, just think about how crazy, confusing and complex you are! Now, think about the fact that there are 7 billion more of those crazy, confusing, complex things in the world. There are seven BILLION stories just waiting to be read!! Now that gets me excited to meet some people!

Because whenever I meet someone new, I’m standing at the edge of not just a whole new story, I’m standing at the edge a story I might be able to help write a little bit of. That to me is an amazing honor!

So get out there and meet some people. They’re pretty cool! 😉


~RED ❤

Food for Thought

I thought I ought to share this awesome post by Rliberty94! ;D

Tulip n Daisy


This is something to think about… How many of us are “dying” for life to begin, but forget that life has already begun. Rather, it is now a matter of choosing to live. And what to live for.

Too often, we feel as though something “significant” must occur in our lives in order that we might begin living. I’ll be honest, I have a tendency of feeling this way a lot. I struggle with this idea that life has yet to begin. The usual “if only” statements make their way through my train of thought (that is, if it doesn’t leave the station without me) and I begin to feel discouraged and blue even. It’s incredible how much power our state of mind has on us as a whole. At first, it seems like no big deal. One little negative thought here and there, no big deal. Right?

Well, unfortunately…

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