An Aquamarine Dream

Just a random poem-type thing that popped into my head today…

The deep blue waters flood over me, they fill my throat.

I don’t know what else I thought would come out of this.

I guess none of it matters anymore…

I always thought I would die a glorious death, but maybe he was right; maybe no death is glorious.

Maybe what matters most is something completely opposite than what I thought it was.

As I sink lower, the physical pain I’m feeling seems numb compared to the sudden jerk of emotion filling my heart… or is it just the turquoise liquid filling my lungs.

I always loved the water…

Who would’ve thought it would be my murderer.

Suddenly, I feel like crying. Suddenly, my gaze begins to rip itself out of this apathetic, surrealism.

I think one thought, as the chains pulling me lower yank at my heart.

I’ve changed my mind…

I want out of this aquamarine dream.



Prayer for the Persecuted

Hey everyone!

This is in honor of those being persecuted and/or oppressed. Those in the Middle East, North Korea, and many other places around the world. I consider it a Psalm-like poem. It is also a prayer, but most of all, it is just me, burdened and crying out to the Lord.

O’ Lord Jesus!

How oppressed are your people!

Save them from the darkness and horrors of their enemies.

Give them your peace, O’ God!

Deliver them out of the hands of these wicked men!

Put wisdom into the minds of those who might deliver them.

Soften the hearts of their enemies, that they might let them go.

Convict these wicked men of their iniquity,

Show them the horrors they have committed.

O’ Lord who judges justly, O’ God who saves,

Rescue your people out of their dark valleys.

Deliver them from the paths of evil men.

Put wisdom into the hearts of fools,

Put knowledge into the minds of the foolish.

Shepherd your sheep, O’ God!

O’ God who is most high.

O’ mighty and all powerful Lord of all,

Deliver your people that they may praise you.

That even your enemies would bring glory to your name!

For you are most high!

For you are a God of justice and mercy!

For you are due all glory and honor and praise!



An artists take on a moonlit night…


Context: My sister and I are walking to our neighbor’s house at 9:30. We are House sitting for them while they’re out of town. As we were walking, this is what popped into my head while I looked at the sky. I then proceeded to say out loud as though I was a character in a dramatic period movie. 😄


It’s the perfect time for a moonlit walk
The stars are out
The air is fresh
The moon is bright
All is calm
All is right
On this moonlit night


Dusk into Dawn: A Poem

Hello everyone!

I’m alive! I know, I know. It has been like a month. So there are various reasons for this hiatus of mine. The first being that I had a post scheduled to publish, but sadly it didn’t and somehow it got deleted, which frustrated me a little bit. So what was supposed to be a short break turned longer because I got busy with school and then my family and I had a unscheduled trip to Miami due to some not so good circumstances. That was very exhausting so I wasn’t able to get any writing done after that either (other than writing for school). Anyhow, I came up with this poem a couple days ago and finally wrote it down so here is Dusk into Dawn!


Dusk into Dawn

Grey soars through the sky

Teal takes a lower path

Ivory flies alongside pale pink as

Violet encroaches upon the horizon

The light of day fades to night as life falls asleep

As day ends and the little fire lights glimmer into visibility

Some awaken while others sleep

For some, things are just beginning

For others, it’s nearing the end

Although, for all, the next time yellow’s bright light creeps over the horizon

It will be a new beginning

A fresh start

Songs will be heard in the pine and the field

And dew will be found on green blades

The colors of dusk will fade into dawn

And all will begin again

~RED ❤


New Beginnings

Image result for sunrise over the ocean hd yellow

New Beginnings


Baby’s first laugh


New Beginnings…



Kittens first meow.

New Beginnings…


Endless oceans


New Beginnings…

The world twists and turns, but we never feel it,

Until it hits us, through life’s many twists and turns.

But it’s that moment… That wonderful moment when the sun rises

And you feel a shift in the atmosphere.

And there it is…

Close enough to touch…


New Beginning.

And it’s just


Change: A Poem



Written: March 19, 2016



What a mysterious thing

Sometimes it feels good

Sometimes it doesn’t.

People change…

Sometimes for the better

Sometimes for the worse

Oh, how it makes me want to curse!


What a confusing thing

Sometimes frightening

Sometimes exciting.

You never know what it will be.

Some wish to control it,

Though they’ll never succeed.


What an obscure thing.

Never to be understood,

Always to be accepted.


Waldeinsamkeit: A poem

Hello everyone! Today I have a poem that I wrote a few days ago called Waldeinsamkeit. I got the idea for this poem from a poem that was written by aberdeen92. You can read her poem here,

Anyway, N’joy!



“The feeling of being alone in the woods.”



I stride beneath the shadows

The last rays of sun

filtering through the leaves above

I feel…

at peace.

I lie in the undergrowth

Eyes closed

Deep breaths

Sweet tunes

which slowly drift into silence