The Writer

Christian // Teenager // Writer // Reader // Dreamer // Lover of the Skies

Hello! I’m Rachel, but you can call me Red (my initials). ^-^ I’m so glad that you’re here! I am a Christian, teen writer who loves to daydream, lay in grass, stare at the stars, pet adorable furry things, and swim in the deep blue.


Swimming, dreaming, musing, reading, traveling, meeting new people, journaling, watching sunset/rises, taking pictures, reminiscing, planning, going with the flow, being clumsy, being practical yet not practical, being a paradox ;), living, walking on fresh summer days, caring for plants, exploring nature and much much more…


Jesus Christ, loyalty, the ocean, used bookstores, croquettes, my sister’s fabulous cooking, wisteria, stars, clouds, shades of blue, teal, colors, soft things, old books, jars, chocolate, birds, cats, antiques, pens, empty notebooks, filled notebooks…, fabric, nooks, maps, accents, words, meaning, sarcasm, chocolate, snickerdoodles, lavender, jasmine tea, hugs, handmade things, fantasy, books, laughing,  hot drinks on a cold day and vise versa, cookies, friends, fairies, mermaids, typewriters, bridges, streams, waterfalls, wind, car rides/trips, enchiladas, writing poems, reading other’s writing, music, sweet tea, vanilla ice cream, white chocolate, and many other amazing things such as those… ;D

That’s all for now folks! I hope you continue to read my postings and enjoy!



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